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All About Maple
Maple Baptist Church is a proud member of the SC Baptist Convention and the Waccamaw Baptist Association. We offer a blend of traditional and contemporary styles at our services.

In 1894, fourteen stalwart and stouthearted Christians engaged Rev. George Skipper to preach for them on Sunday afternoons on where the Maple parsonage now stands. Soon, the congregation moved
into a schoolhouse, which had been built on that lot. After some time, this early congregation decided to build their own church house. A modern, white building with the steps reaching across the front
became Maple Baptist Church new home.

As the congregation grew, the members decided to build a larger church. In 1918, construction began on the lot across the street (where the church currently stands). The first service in this new structure
was held in 1921. A much needed classroom building was built in 1932. Then a baptistery was added in 1937 and a parsonage was completed in 1939.

Up until the late 1940’s, Maple had only been a part-time church. This changed with the arrival of Rev. Dalton Ward, their first full-time pastor. During this time the church reached the highest number of
members up to that time.

In 1953, work began on remodeling the sanctuary. Unfortunately, just as the renovations were being completed the church burned-down on February 28, 1955. The sanctuary and the 36 room educational
building lay in complete ruins. The congregation was devastated but showing the determination of their founding fathers, Maple’s 360 members decided to rebuild. Construction on a new building began in
April 1955 and the building was dedicated on November 6, 1955.

Sadly, the newly constructed building would stand less than three years before disaster struck again on July 21, 1958 when another fire destroyed the property. Once again, the members pulled
themselves up by their bootstraps and cleaned up the ruins. A new church was built and dedicated on March 15, 1959. Those buildings stand today as our present church structure.

In 1967, the church called Rev. Gary Smoak to be their pastor.  Missions took on a new emphasis during his leadership.

In 1976, Rev. Woodrow Harris became pastor of Maple until his retirement in 1982. During his tenure, the current fellowship hall was built.

In 1983, the Maple congregation welcomed Rev. Ron Zedick as their pastor. The church’s Sunday School attendance swelled during his first year. There was a new vitality in the church, with special
ministries of disaster relief and the adoption of a missionary family.

In 1988, Rev. Bobby Bailey became pastor. During his time, renovation of the sanctuary was completed. The renovation included new carpeting, pew refinishing and the addition of chandeliers. Around
this time, a Long Range Planning Committee was put into effect to help Maple study the church, congregation and community to find new ways to serve God’s purpose.

In 2001, Rev. Gary Reeves began as Maple’s new pastor and is currently working towards stronger community outreach, missions, and strengthening his congregation.

This year, Maple Baptist is looking forward to the continued construction on a new Fellowship Building, which will house a state-of-the-art kitchen, recreation and dining areas. The current fellowship hall will
be renovated into new offices for the church staff and multiple classrooms for the congregation to use.

Everyone is looking forward to what this new building and renovation will mean to their determination to educate, disciple, and share in God’s plan.

This history is a work in progress, if you have information you would like to add please call the church office.
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